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After completing enough levels, new game modes become available. Such game modes include rampage, where the goal is to crush as many items as possible through different means with limited time, and puzzle, where you’re tested to the extreme to see if you can make all the items fit into the bag. The paid version also has three “endless” modes — ultimate bagger, endless rampage, and power surge. In ultimate bagger you bag as many items as you can until you eventually crush one, and in endless rampage you still crush as many items as you can, but each item will add some time back to the clock. The game can be easily downloaded and installed by searching for “bag it” in your respective app store. You may also download the free versions by clicking on this link for Android or this link for iOS [No Longer Available], or get the paid version by following this link for Android or this link for iOS [No Longer Available]. There’s also an HD version for iOS devices [No Longer Available]. The game isn’t quite as large as some other top titles, so installation shouldn’t take too long. Neben der Steuerung des Schaufelradbaggers übernehmen Sie im Bagger-Simulator 2008 aber auch die Kontrolle eines Bulldozers, Raupenladers, Kippers und Löffelbaggers um die anfallenden Tätigkeiten in einer Kiesgrube zu erledigen. Setzen Sie die verfügbaren Fahrzeuge geschickt ein um die Sandmengen abzutragen und zu den Speicherboxen zu bringen. Endlich gibt es eine „Bagger-Simulation“ für den PC, die keine Wünsche offen lässt.

Vom kleinen Löffelbagger bis hin zum riesigen Schaufelradbagger kann im Bagger-Simulator 2008 alles gesteuert werden. Die Kontrolle eines großen Schaufelradbaggers mit einer Länge von 240 Metern liegt in Ihrer Hand. Sie müssen den Bagger beim Abbau von Abraum bedienen. Über ein umfangreiches Steuerungspanel gilt es Fahrwerk, Schaufelrad und Bandausleger des gewaltigen Baggers zu steuern. We’ve seen a lot of different concepts when it comes to games. There are first-person shooters, puzzles in its many various forms, and so much more. When it comes to mobile games, there happens to be a very large presence of puzzle games, including popular titles such as Angry Birds. All of the concepts in the different puzzle games are unique and pretty entertaining, while others seem quite strange at first. Bag It! is a game for Android and iOS devices, with a “Lite” version available for free and a paid version for $1.99.

The main object of the game in Classic mode is for the player to successfully place as many items into a grocery bag as possible, without leaving any items unbagged or crushing any items inside the bag.